Arctic cold sets unusual winter landscape in the Deep South [Photos]

Southerners don’t know how to act when the weather gets cold. I’m living in Tuscaloosa, Ala., where the supermarket shelves ran out of milk and bread days ago, and schools are shut down not because of snow or ice, but because the temperature dropped below 20 degrees. I shouldn’t act too high and mighty – not actually owning cold weather clothing, I’m wearing multiple pairs of socks and pants, along with two or three sweaters and light jackets… and that’s just to sit inside and type this.

I also behaved like a tourist, because when I drive down a road in the South and see something like I did today, I don’t act like I’ve been there before; I pull over and whip out my camera.

All photos were taken along Jack Warner Parkway, in between the Black Warrior River and University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa. Non-commercial usage is welcomed with proper attribution. Contact Dylan for commercial rights.


Crime Scene: A lesson in reporting & interviewing (w/ fake blood!)

A gruesome murder has occurred on the SAU campus – the fifth on an area campus in as many weeks. But for the first time, the killer has slipped, leaving clues behind…

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Crime Scene is a collaborative project between the Theatre and Mass Communication students within the department. Students in my Reporting and Writing course attempt to uncover details of the apparent murder and develop a news story capturing the facts of the case so far.

It’s their favorite day of the semester. Mine, too.

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Life at the end of the Trail

To the friends, family, and colleagues who helped make the launch of this website a success, thank you. We had a big first few days, even before the search engines caught on. That being said, I probably shouldn’t have launched the thing right before a weeklong trip to the Pacific Northwest. Apologies for the quiet time. Let me make it up to you with some photos:

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