[Clickworthy] High school basketball announcer gives Gus Johnson a high-pitched run for his money

I don’t always share awful play-by-play clips on the blog, but when I do, I prefer the ones that make milk squirt out of your nose.

Check out the closing moments of this Marist (Chicago) High School basketball playoff game against Curie, as shared by High School Cube.

(I am cursing WordPress and Vodpod today for the inability to embed this.)

Click and enjoy.

UPDATE: We now know the name of this announcer, and his Twitter handle. Check out @bigsnowman40 to get a glimpse of Brian Snow. Trust me, seeing what he looks like will make the call even better.

And if that’s not enough, the snowman struck again. Same team, same postseason basketball run, same squealing. You have to admit, this guy is getting one heck of a stretch of games to call.