Mariners outfielder Greg Halman killed – a brief tribute

Shocking news out of the Netherlands today, where Seattle Mariners prospect Greg Halman was found stabbed to death in his home. Halman’s brother has been arrested and is a suspect in the case.

Greg Halman made his major league debut a few months ago in the Seattle outfield. I saw him play as a member of the AA West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx in 2009 – a year in which he crushed 25 home runs. I gave the call on one of them:

Greg Halman home run v. Mississippi, Aug. 28, 2009 

Halman never hit for a high average, but he could send the ball flying like few in the minor leagues. He showed promise to do the same even at spacious Safeco Field.

Even seeing a guy play from the window of a press box, it changes how the news hits you. Makes it real. And tragic. My thoughts and prayers are with Halman’s family.

Diary of a Fantasy Baseball Geek

The rest of the world was watching masses of humanity crash into each other again and again in an attempt to advance an oblong ball. The crowds cheered as the players fell, like spectators at the Roman Coliseum.

Not I.

On Sunday, I watched a purer game – one of sandlot dreams and the fabric of Americana. The pastime from a simpler time. The one where guys spit and grab their crotch all the time.

Ah, baseball.

In the waning weeks of September, most of the pennant races have been decided. Bright-eyed prospects are fulfilling a lifelong dream of playing with the big league club while cagey veterans are resting up for the promise of October magic.

But for a small group, these final few weeks of September are paramount. They are the final challenge of a six-month test of strategy, skill, and sheer determination of will.

We are fantasy baseball geeks, and these are our playoffs.

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