Oh, the weather outside is frightful… Celebrating southern Christmases from the storm cellar

Driving home for Christmas, I was doing my best to get into the holiday spirit by listening to carols on the radio.

Have a holly jolly Christmas
It’s the best time of the year.
Well I don’t know if there’ll be snow
But have a cup of –

**Signal Tone**

The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Warning for the following counties…


Bah humbug, indeed.

If you traveled across the Deep South on Festivus, you likely encountered similar conditions. While the carolers on the radio were content to Let It Snow, I was thankful I remembered to replace my windshield wipers that morning, lest I drive off the road and into the lake… which was quickly becoming one with the road.

Rather than tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago, my family back home manned their laptops and smartphones to find out exactly where the storms were and whether I needed to stop, detour, or push the pedal to the floor.

On a winter day in the South, you could have an ice storm, a tornado outbreak, or just about anything in between. Christmas in particular has been an active time as of late. Last year, in spite of our generally cold winter, Christmas Day was so warm that the jackets were traded in for t-shirts and shorts. The year before, Santa arrived just ahead of a tornado outbreak/blizzard, producing this colorful array of watches and warnings. Continue reading “Oh, the weather outside is frightful… Celebrating southern Christmases from the storm cellar”

Arctic cold sets unusual winter landscape in the Deep South [Photos]

Southerners don’t know how to act when the weather gets cold. I’m living in Tuscaloosa, Ala., where the supermarket shelves ran out of milk and bread days ago, and schools are shut down not because of snow or ice, but because the temperature dropped below 20 degrees. I shouldn’t act too high and mighty – not actually owning cold weather clothing, I’m wearing multiple pairs of socks and pants, along with two or three sweaters and light jackets… and that’s just to sit inside and type this.

I also behaved like a tourist, because when I drive down a road in the South and see something like I did today, I don’t act like I’ve been there before; I pull over and whip out my camera.

All photos were taken along Jack Warner Parkway, in between the Black Warrior River and University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa. Non-commercial usage is welcomed with proper attribution. Contact Dylan for commercial rights.